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Acceleration in Innovation

The idea behind Sino-American Cancer Foundation (SACF) Acceleration Lab started from one significant problem: the lack of lab spaces within the Los Angeles area. Until 2004, there was only one existing bioscience incubator in the Los Angeles County, and any other open lab spaces were located at universities dedicated expressly for their own students and faculty. This coupled with the fact that many biotech startups require access to lab space to grow, meant that the only choice companies were left with was to leave the area in search of a facility that would house them. While more bioscience incubators have opened since 2004, the issue of lack of wet lab space still exists to this day.

With the SACF Acceleration Lab, we aim to address this problem by creating a high-quality and affordable lab space for any biotech start-up to accelerate with the right mentoring and innovate with the proper tools. Our lab will provide essential tool such as access to work and laboratory space, on-site industry experts, and a collaborative co-working environment. Through creating a safe space for scientific startups and entrepreneurs to work, our goal is to help foster growth of the bioscience industry in Los Angeles and to eventually help create opportunities for more local businesses to innovate and grow.

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